Lina doing makeup for Frida Fahrman at Metro mode

After several years as a Store manager Lina discovered her passion for leadership and sales. To develop each individual’s potential is something that really attests a group and thus leading a team forward. With this experience and knowledge, she had the honor to both lecture about it and also had to train others in many years, both leaders and staff. 

To increase motivation, increase average sales and strengthen the team’s product knowledge in the retail business is something Lina is very passionate about. To be able to see and to interpret clients is important, as most would agree, but why are the majority of our staff lacking knowledge when it comes to customer management? To train the body language, sales psychology and think differently than your competitors is often the key to success!

Would you also like to increase motivation in your team?
Inspire your staff to become better and be a more profitable team!

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